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-Ian Butcher “F34RE4T3R” in the “Red Room”

-Tyler Smith as “Selfie Man” with SFH Crew

Selfie From Hell The Movie Info

The Selfie From Hell movie is the perfect movie for people looking to have a greater understanding of the dark web and the dangers of clicking random links from strangers.

“Julia, an online vlogger from Germany. She finds herself immersed deep in the web – too deep”

Check out our IMDb page to see the stars of the film: Alyson Walker & Tony Giroux

Selfie From Hell is “destined to join the ranks of other […] viral horror films, alongside the upcoming Slender Man film.” We are happy to hear from film critics!

Selfie Sticks Failing To Trend?

Failing to trend: taking selfies with selfie sticks?
Well if you’ve been traveling lately you’ll know that they are not! Taking selfies is a viral phenomenon that is happening all over the world and the trend will not stop.
They even built a museum about selfies in California. Selfies are not slowing down!

Make sure to never take more than 12 selfies, because the 13th may have side effects. Find out more by watching Selfie From Hell available in selected theatres and countries!
Selfie From Hell is a viral horror movie just like the short was.